Meteora Full Day Private Tour

Meteora Full Day Private Tour

A few words about this tour

The tour starts with the meeting point with our guide. In this tour we will start by introducing you to the Orthodox Christian religion and the Monasteries of the Holy Rocks in the town of Kalambaka. We will visit and admire the Monastery of Great Meteoron which is the largest monastery in the Meteora complex. It was called the monastery that was "suspended in the air".

Next, we will see the Monastery of Varlaam which is the second largest monastery in the area. We will also enjoy the history and beauty of the Monastery of Rousano which is one of the six that continue to be active in Meteora. Since 1988 it has been included in the UNESCO world heritage sites. Continuing our tour we will meet the Monastery of St. Nicholas Anapausas. This monastery has the peculiarity that the rock on top of which it is built has a very limited surface. Given this, the building of the monastery was forced to be raised in height. Thus the monastery became three-storeyed.

We proceed to the Monastery of St. Stephen which has a small church built in the 16th century and is the most accessible monastery compared to the rest of the cluster because there is a small bridge that you have to cross to get inside instead of stairs. We continue with the Monastery of Agia Triada which was built in 1438 by a monk named Dometio. The old remarkable iconostasis of the monastery became the target of antiquarians in 1979.

On the way from Meteora to Kalambaka we will stop in Kastraki village for rest and food in a traditional tavern of the area. Then, if you wish, we can also stop in the city of Kalambaka for a coffee. All the streets and alleys of the city have before them the imposing view of the rocks of Meteora.

On our way back to Athens we will stop at the Monument of King Leonidas in Thermopylae, the King of the Spartans. Thermopylae is the battlefield where the Greeks faced the Persians and the 300 Spartan soldiers became legends.

Finally, we will then take the road back to our meeting point in Athens.

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